EchoMark Unveils AI-Powered Solution for Securing Private Communications in the Era of Digital Technology.

EchoMark, a trailblazing company revolutionizing information protection, has officially unveiled its AI-driven solution designed to safeguard private information. This innovative solution seamlessly incorporates invisible forensic watermarks into emails and documents, allowing for rapid source identification within minutes. As the first enterprise-grade software of its kind, EchoMark’s invisible watermarking acts as a proactive deterrent against leaks.

EchoMark has also announced a $10 million seed investment, with Craft Ventures leading the funding round. This financial boost accelerates EchoMark’s mission to expand its forensic watermarking technologies across various formats and workloads.

The escalating frequency and severity of data breaches and leaks have eroded the foundation of online communication, even within the most advanced organizations globally. Insider threat incidents have surged by 44% in the past two years, with a single data breach now costing an average of $4.45 million. According to Gartner®, “by 2025, insider risk will cause 50% of organizations to adopt formal programs to manage it, up from 10% today.”

Troy Batterberry, the founder and CEO of EchoMark, stated, “EchoMark is not merely filling a critical and urgent market gap; we are creating a solution that has never existed before.” He emphasized the fundamental role of communication within organizations and the detrimental impact of mistrust. He cited the Dobbs leak as an example, where it took a year, 126 formal interviews, and a 23-page investigative report to locate the internal source. EchoMark, in contrast, could identify the source in under five minutes. The company is eager to bring these capabilities to organizations worldwide.

EchoMark’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution redefines data security by safeguarding information while fostering trust and enabling unrestricted collaboration. Using EchoMark is straightforward:

  1. Instant Deployment: EchoMark can be deployed in less than five minutes without disrupting any content, requiring end-user training, or manual inputs. It seamlessly integrates with major email systems without the need for client software and operates silently in the background, embedding personalized forensic watermarks on emails and PDFs.
  2. Customized Privacy: EchoMark’s settings allow tailoring the solution to different cohorts, use cases, and needs, ensuring effective communication while safeguarding operations. Organizations can activate visible watermarks in addition to invisible ones to further deter leaks, promoting internal stewardship and trust.
  3. Rapid Source Identification: EchoMark’s AI-powered forensic watermark technology can pinpoint potential insider threats within five minutes. It achieves near 100% accuracy in identifying inside threats through advanced natural language analysis and copy/paste detection, even in cases of document alterations, from screenshots to manual rewrites. This eliminates the need for prolonged internal investigations.

Leading organizations, such as Christie’s, a global auction house, and Craft Ventures, a venture capital firm, have adopted EchoMark to protect and enhance their private communications.

Ben Gore, Chief Operating Officer at Christie’s, expressed their commitment to securing client information and their excitement about EchoMark’s potential to enhance their protocols.

Brian Murray, partner and Chief Operating Officer at Craft Ventures, praised EchoMark’s application of computer vision and perturbation technology, which he believes is setting a new standard in information security.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, EchoMark is pioneering a new standard for information protection, embodying innovation and trust. Founded in 2022 by Troy Batterberry, a tech industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, EchoMark is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of information security.

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