Here Are Some Tips to Make Your Startup More Attractive for Potential Hires

The “war for talent” can make it seem as if the hiring space is a cutthroat competition where only the big corporations with deep pockets and specialized perks can rule the day, but in actual truth even small startups can compete effectively with the corporate titans in hiring the best available talent. How successful a startup is in acquiring talent depends much on its culture and hiring process, and not on how fat a paycheck it has to offer to potential hires. While a well-defined startup culture does play a crucial role in the hiring process, here are some other factors that you may have overlooked that can give your startup an edge in snagging the best talent.

Oftentimes, going back to the basics is just precisely what is needed. While larger corporations and businesses can afford to spend lavishly on employee perks and benefits, such as providing catered meals thrice daily, on-site gyms and customized fitness programs, and even acting and drama classes, your startup does not have to bust its budget to make its workspace and environment a pleasant experience and place for your employees to work in. Actually, it is more than sufficient as long as your employees and workers feel comfortable enough that they enjoy working at your startup day in and day out. According to a recent survey conducted in North America, what matters most to workers and employees for their work environment are actually the simple things, namely natural lighting, the ability to customize their workspace and proper ventilation for good air flow and a healthier environment. Therefore, as long as you maintain a healthy environment with a high standard of cleanliness for your startup that ensures access to fresh air and natural lighting, you will have already done half the work to make your startup’s workspace a pleasant environment for your workers and employees.

To spruce things up, you can also add plants and natural greenery to brighten up the workspace. Natural green plants are pleasant to the eye and help improve the quality of air, besides adding vibrancy and color to liven up the environment. Allow your workers and hires to personalize their workspaces too as this will make working at your startup a more enjoyable experience, which will in turn boost productivity. Other easily affordable methods for improving the quality of your startup’s workspace include a decent coffee machine for coffee lovers and a refrigerator for your employees to store their snacks.

In regards to the hiring process, one thing you don’t want to do is to make the interview process a lengthy affair that lasts much longer than is necessary. A tedious interview process can sap the morale of even the most enthusiastic talent prospects. Ask only pertinent questions and get straight to the point to save everyone’s time, and impress upon the potential hire that your startup is clear and purposeful in its approach. It may be the case that the potential hire chooses your startup over other bigger names because they are taken in by its focus and sense of purpose. Other than that, be certain to share the interview results and feedback with the candidates within a timespan of three business days after conducting the interview. Don’t leave potential hires on the hook and accord them the proper respect even if they do not fill any shoes for your startup at the present time, as they may turn out to be perfect fits for your startup further down the line.

Hiring for the best talent does not need to be a costly affair that bleeds your finances dry. Indeed, by focusing on fulfilling the basics such as a healthy and clean environment and a streamlined hiring process, you are making your startup into a destination of choice for the right kind of talent that is aligned with your company’s core values and mission statement.