secures $18.7 million in funding from top European deeptech venture capital firms, a Cologne-based European startup specializing in productivity optimization software, has recently initiated a Series A fundraising round, securing an impressive sum of nearly $18.7 million USD (equivalent to €17.5 million Euros). The round was led by OTB Ventures, with active participation from 42CAP and the US-based investor, Tola Capital.

In a press release, Adam Bujak, the CEO and co-founder of, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “Today marks a pivotal moment for as we embark on global expansion. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with both our new and loyal investors to bring our vision of ‘Productivity 360’ to customers in untapped markets. Our aim is to empower business leaders with comprehensive insights, facilitating informed and agile decision-making to enhance value and drive cost-efficiency in today’s dynamic business landscape.”

With this infusion of capital, has set its sights on scaling its presence in the United States while further nurturing its established customer bases across Europe and Asia. Their strategic plan includes assisting clients in embracing innovative generative AI models, applications, agents, and tools. caters to a diverse range of industries, encompassing technology, insurance, healthcare, utilities, business process outsourcing (BPO), and logistics, offering their services through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

The centerpiece of’s offerings to enterprises is their signature software platform, “Productivity 360°.” This secure web application management tool is designed to facilitate the comprehension and automation of various business processes.

As stated on the company’s website, the Productivity 360° suite is engineered to provide insights not only into processes but also into the individuals driving them and the technology underpinning them. It is akin to having a versatile tool that allows organizations to gain a panoramic view of their operations while offering the flexibility to zoom in on specific aspects as needed.

The platform initiates this process through “process discovery,” employing its proprietary AI algorithms to analyze a client company’s data infrastructure securely. It comprehensively assesses the permutations that data undergoes as it traverses through the organization and its suite of applications.

Screenshot of’s Productivity 360° app and process discovery screen. Credit:’s suite of tools first conducts an assessment to identify bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies within an organization. It then recommends automated solutions to address these issues to the client administrator.

Additionally, it offers a “heatmap” visualization, highlighting repetitive and labor-intensive tasks within the company. For instance, it can detect situations where employees repeatedly copy and paste information from the same documents or code sections for their job roles. This heatmap serves as a visual cue, indicating opportunities for automation, thereby saving both time and money.

This utility has proven invaluable to’s current clients, resulting in an average annual cost savings of approximately $2.7 million. On average, it has boosted automation levels by 37% across their client base.

Now, let’s delve into how integrates with the emerging field of Generative AI (Gen AI). As a company deeply rooted in AI technology, has closely monitored the growing interest and excitement among enterprise clients regarding the applications and possibilities of new generative AI tools and technologies.

Over the years, has consistently worked to help businesses adopt cutting-edge AI models that align with their objectives. The company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI innovation extends to the latest advancements, including offerings like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

On its website, outlines its mission to assist clients in identifying areas with substantial potential for scalability and impact within the Gen AI landscape. Essentially, acts as an informed consultant and resource for its clients, guiding them through the process of harnessing the power of Gen AI to enhance their operational efficiency.

In this capacity, may find itself in competition with larger consulting firms and agencies like McKinsey and BCG, which have recently joined forces with leading foundation model AI providers to bring Gen AI solutions to their enterprise clients.

Notably, has already attracted prominent clients spanning various sectors. Among these clients are well-known organizations such as DHL, Mindsprint BPS, Hollard, Qinecsa, Allied Global, and Alorica.

For instance, Mindsprint, a business services tech firm under the Olam Group, engaged to map over 600 processes for more than 1,200 remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Mindsprint continues to rely on’s technology as a mission-critical tool for process tracking and improvement.

The compelling results achieved through’s solutions played a pivotal role in attracting Series A funding led by OTB Ventures. OTB Ventures recognizes the critical role plays in organizations, especially in light of the growing prevalence of hybrid and remote workforces, as well as the expansion of software-driven processes.

In summary,’s suite of tools offers robust solutions for identifying and addressing operational inefficiencies, aligning with the emerging field of Generative AI, and has already made a significant impact across various sectors, including high-profile clients.