Launch of Vintage Airstream Store Rental in New York for Pop-Up Shops & Marketing Events

RV Airstreams has introduced an exciting addition to their fleet, featuring four distinct vehicles available for event rentals. These options encompass their grand 36-foot vintage RV Airstream to their more compact 20-foot model. The Instagram-worthy appeal of RV Airstreams’ vehicles has garnered significant attention in the realms of marketing, sales, and promotional events. These eye-catching mobile units have found favor in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, frequently serving as store rentals for pop-up shops.

The expansion of RV Airstreams’ fleet stems from their remarkable growth since their inception in 2019. In an increasingly crowded media landscape, RV Airstreams recognizes that brands across the spectrum seek innovative ways to curate distinctive experiences for their customers and cultivate a genuinely chic brand identity.

Complementing their vintage RV Airstreams, RV Airstreams has enriched its service offerings and simplified the booking process. RV Airstreams’ event team stands prepared to guide new marketing entities or brands through a comprehensive 9-step process. Drawing from their successful track record, the events team assists interested clients in refining their concepts, optimizing the authentic allure of a vintage Airstream. Additionally, the prop department collaborates to construct an entire setting around the RV.

As a standard feature, RV Airstreams offers vehicle wrapping, allowing any brand to proudly display its name on the rented Airstream. The design and graphics experts at RV Airstreams ensure flawless execution of colors, imagery, and designs on the vehicle’s exterior. The option for complete coverage is available, tailored to the brand’s style.

RV Airstreams further simplifies the logistics of pop-up events by assisting clients with permits and licenses, alleviating potential headaches.

RV Airstreams’ event team identifies their vehicles as particularly well-suited for retail store pop-ups and marketing events, yet they boast extensive experience collaborating with diverse clients, spanning music festivals, fashion shows, movie sets, and celebrity gatherings.

A spokesperson expressed, “With our fleet of iconic vintage RV Airstreams, we offer a unique dimension to your event. Our iconic RV Airstreams are guaranteed crowd-pullers, serving as the centerpiece of your corporate event and providing the perfect backdrop for shareable social media photoshoots. Ready to roll with the turn of a key, they are ideal for any occasion. Our RVs infuse campaigns with a vintage yet modern flair, crafting memorable moments that tell a compelling story on the road.”

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