claims it can outperform Nvidia by providing no-code machine learning solutions tailored for edge devices.

Nvidia, the renowned graphics processor manufacturer, recently joined the exclusive club of trillion-dollar companies due to the surging interest in and advancement of generative AI and machine learning (ML) applications in Silicon Valley. Nvidia’s GPUs have become the go-to hardware for training massive AI models, including OpenAI’s popular GPT series. In fact, a shortage of Nvidia GPUs became a hot topic in the tech world.

However, a new contender has emerged in the form of This company is introducing a groundbreaking product named “Palette Edgematic,” which promises to outperform Nvidia’s chip performance in a crucial and rapidly growing area: edge devices.

Krishna Rangasayee, the founder and CEO of, proudly stated in an exclusive interview that their company is the first to surpass Nvidia in both performance and power efficiency within the edge computing category, as demonstrated by their respective MLPerf benchmark scores.

Palette Edgematic is a no-code, drag-and-drop software platform designed to enable the swift and reliable deployment of machine learning models on edge devices. This innovation democratizes complex system deployment, making it accessible even to individuals without a background in machine learning.

Edge devices are essential for various industries, including heavy industrial equipment, oil and gas facilities, solar panels, wind turbines, manufacturing plants, and military hardware such as drones. These devices help in understanding their surroundings, detecting maintenance needs, and enhancing performance and cost-efficiency. recognized the need for high-performance ML operations on edge devices and worked tirelessly to develop efficient solutions, considering the power constraints of these devices and their challenging operating environments.

While acknowledges Nvidia’s achievements and the strengths of its CUDA software, the company aims to attract customers away from Nvidia by offering superior hardware and user-friendly software. They emphasize the ease of transitioning from Nvidia to hardware and software, especially given the simplicity of their software tools. believes that Palette Edgematic’s ease of use and exceptional performance will prove superior for specific use cases, as demonstrated through real-world examples. This includes accelerating military drone footage analysis and simplifying ML code deployment for autonomous vehicle development.

Ultimately, sees Palette Edgematic as just the beginning of its mission to make ML deployment on edge devices accessible and dependable for non-technical users. They plan to expand their offerings by adding more ML models and computer vision libraries to cater to a wider range of applications, with ambitions extending beyond computer vision.

In essence, envisions a future where complex computer vision pipelines are accessible to high school students, ushering in a new era of innovation in the field of edge computing.