Video Marketing And Your Startup – Here’s Why It Matters

Videos are an extremely effective tool to raise awareness about your startup and to get your brand name out there to the public. According to a report by Wyzowl, a global market leader in animated explainer video production, 89% of video marketers say that a good video gives them a higher return on investment, while 80% of video marketers also mentioned that the use of videos in their marketing campaigns have directly contributed to increased sales. Furthermore, more than 90% of video marketers plan to maintain or increase their budget spending on video marketing for 2020. Video marketing can also help drive traffic to your website or digital presence, as well as for lead generation.

The proliferation of video content on social media, the Internet and elsewhere is possible because the human brain is naturally attracted to visual stimuli. As a wise man once said, a picture is worth a thousand words, what more if the visuals are conveyed in video form. By carefully planning and executing video content for your startup, it is possible for you to elicit a targeted response from viewers and audiences. As an example, if you wish to tell a story about what inspired you to establish your startup and the mission that drives it, a suitable medium would be a video posted on a video-sharing platform like Youtube that enables you to connect with your audiences on a more personal and deeper level as videos are able to leave a better lasting impression than, say, mere words or static imagery. A tip is to integrate music into your video to convey an even stronger message to your audience. Just as all the great movies and classic films of the past were defined by their emotive music, so too should your startup also incorporate the appropriate music that sets the mood into your videos. That way, you are able to get your message across in a more memorable and impactful manner to your target audience.

Why is video marketing so effective? Let’s start with these findings by Wyzowl again, this time on consumers. According to research conducted by the video company, people on average watch sixteen hours of video content a week. And if that’s not convincing enough, a further 84% of people say that they have been persuaded to purchase a service or product after watching a video made by the brand. Another question is, why are videos put on video-sharing platforms like Youtube so effective? Well, according to the tech behemoth Google, which owns Youtube, the video hosting service reaches more adults aged eighteen to forty-nine years in a standard week than all of the American cable television networks combined.

The use of video has also changed consumer’s shopping habits. Google says that online videos have helped more than 50% of shoppers in their buying decisions when shopping at a physical store. As mentioned earlier, videos are a much more successful medium for getting your message across to audiences and consumers compared to words or static imagery. As it is, more than 65% of consumers favor watching a video about a service or product rather than reading about it. By directly showing them what your startup’s product or service is about, you present a much clearer picture about what your product or service is, which in turn leads to better sales.

Videos, if used properly in your startup’s marketing campaign, can be a very effective tool to generate sales, increase brand awareness and to connect to your target audience. You don’t need to break the bank in order to make an effective video for marketing. Indeed, all you need is your mobile phone, some good apps and software for the creation of compelling videos to get your video marketing up and running.