Australian Cloud Software Provider ipSCAPE Partners with Indonesian TelkomTelstra to Grow into Southeast Asia

ipSCAPE, a pioneering Australian customer experience technology company that is a specialist in the CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) industry, has formed a strategic partnership with TelkomTelstra, an end-to-end managed solutions provider that helps Indonesian businesses through their managed ICT solutions.

Australian startup ipSCAPE, established in 2005 and a leading innovator in cloud contact center technology, is continually evolving its scalable and feature-rich platform that is replete with advanced integration technologies in order to command a slice of the US$6.7 billion CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) industry.

Seeking global expansion, ipSCAPE has painstakingly taken their time in their search for a suitable partner in Southeast Asia that shares the same visions and goals in order to expand into the Southeast Asia region. They recently found success through a strategic partnership with TelkomTelstra, a joint venture between PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom Indonesia) and Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra). Telkom is Indonesia’s largest telecommunications operator while Telstra is a regional leader in enterprise services. The fruitful partnership between the two has enabled ipSCAPE to take full advantage of existing client relationships and Telkomtelstra’s brand awareness, and aided them in circumventing the cultural nuances of doing business in Indonesia.

Fiona Boyd, ipSCAPE’s chief executive officer, said: “It took time for us to find the right partner in Asia, we wanted to ensure we aligned our company with a partner who shares the same strategic vision and goals. Outlining what you want from the partnership is an important first step. What do you want to achieve from the partnership? What do you want the partner to do? Sell? Service? How many partners do you need to reach to achieve your goals? What does an ideal partnership look like? With Telkomtelstra, we are very transparent with our product roadmap, our pricing and we often help with the sales pitches.”

Indonesia is an attractive destination for startups and venture capital firms because of its noteworthy advances and growth in connectivity over the past few years, especially in the area of broadband and mobile networks that feed the digital consumption appetite of its 271 million population. The astounding growth in digital consumers has prompted companies and businesses to adopt a multichannel approach towards servicing its customers, which in turn has led to the remarkable ballooning of local unicorn startups. These unicorns will require the flexibility provided by cloud solutions to help support rapid customer growth.

Already one such unicorn, a leading travel company, is using ipSCAPE for its 9 contact centers spread across 5 countries and servicing 7 markets. Having a sensible and practical approach to the local market is paramount for ipSCAPE’s ability to execute in Southeast Asia. For example, they have a small team operating locally in Indonesia which played a crucial role in the expansion; their presence within the office of Telkomtelstra, where teams from both sides can share and exchange strategies and plans across sales, operations and marketing, is absolutely indispensable.

Boyd adds, “It has taken time to put in place the building blocks of the partnership, but our persistence has paid off and over the last 12 months we have seen traction build with a 400% increase in revenue.”

ipSCAPE’s successful collaborative effort with Telkomtelstra demonstrates the enormous opportunities that are present for Australian startups to tap into in the region. A partnership strategy is a wise option for taking full advantage of the fast-growing market and for navigating its intricacies.