Future Health secures $100 million from Rothschild Family, partners with International NMN Pharmaceutical Group to pioneer the world’s first NMN Futures Product.

On May 18, 2023, Future Trends Group, the parent company of Future Health, embarked on a significant strategic partnership and conducted an impressive signing ceremony with Future Health in Dubai on May 23, 2023. Rothschild Investment Corp. played a pivotal role in this agreement, committing a substantial $100 million investment into Future Trends Group. This infusion of capital is primarily earmarked for the global expansion and technological innovation endeavors of Future Health.

Notably, the Rothschild family has assumed not only three board seats but also a crucial role in facilitating Future Health’s strategic collaboration with the international NMN Pharmaceutical Group. Together, these entities will join forces to introduce the world’s pioneering NMN futures product in June 2023, offering cutting-edge anti-aging solutions to a global audience. The initial subscription for this groundbreaking futures product is set at an impressive $300 million.

This NMN product stands out due to its manufacturing process, which leverages Japan’s leading biological all-enzyme methodology to ensure the highest levels of purity and effectiveness. Additionally, it incorporates PQQ ingredients to enhance efficacy and absorption. The product is also distinguished by its plant-based enteric capsules designed to deliver NMN activity directly to the intestinal tract for maximum benefit.

The introduction of this new NMN product represents a significant milestone in the development of Future Health, resulting from our strategic collaboration with the Rothschild family. This achievement significantly bolsters Future Health’s prominence and influence within the global anti-aging field.

This capital investment partnership underscores Rothschild Investment’s profound recognition of Future Health. It not only provides substantial financial and resource support but also underscores high expectations for Future Health’s WEB3.0 project and innovative offerings, including NMN futures.

About Rothschild Investment Corporation: Rothschild & Co stands as one of the enduring financial institutions still operated by the Rothschild family. It serves as a testament to the legacy and continued legacy of this ancient financial family. The company presently focuses on private equity, asset management, and related domains.

About Future Health: Future Health represents an innovative biopharmaceutical company driven by digital transformation. It unites the world’s leading healthcare resources to forge a global digital healthcare ecosystem. This initiative was spearheaded by Chairman Mr. Farzam, who has made substantial investments in post-epidemic restoration products, with the ultimate aim of advancing the healthcare industry for the betterment of all humanity.

The core strength of Future Health WEB 3.0:

  • Real people: Led by Chairman Mr. Farzam, Future Health WEB 3.0 offers insights and experiences to guide individuals towards greater achievements and wealth.
  • True medicine: Future Health WEB 3.0’s core products include post-epidemic recovery capsules and internationally renowned brands like NMN and Pfizer, with more international brands slated for release in the coming years, benefiting consumers worldwide.
  • True Profit: Future Health WEB 3.0 derives its primary revenue from the appreciation of Woodpecker WP tokens and dividends. These dividends are linked to income generated from the development, operation, and sales of innovative medicines, including investments in futures of Woodpecker’s post-epidemic restoration product line. This includes strategic investments in top health products from international brands such as NMN and Pfizer, ensuring future profits and dividends for participants.