HostColor introduces DCIaaS and Edge Servers in New York featuring a robust 20Gbps bandwidth capability. (HC) has unveiled its Dedicated Server hosting services in New York, featuring unrivaled bandwidth rates of 20 Gbps and 30 Gbps. These services are offered from data centers situated at strategic locations, including 111 8th Avenue, 85 10th Avenue, 601 West 26th Street, 7 Teleport Dr in Staten Island, and 150 Varick Street.

The most popular configurations for NY Edge dedicated servers are based on Intel Xeon Silver 4210 and Intel Xeon Gold 5218N processors, providing robust bare-metal solutions:

  1. Servers with Intel Xeon Silver 4210 processors, boasting 10 CPU cores, 128 GB RAM, and a 480 GB SSD.
  2. Servers with Intel Xeon Gold 5218N processors, offering a formidable 32 CPU cores, 384 GB RAM, and a capacious 7.6 TB SSD.
  3. Servers with Intel Xeon Gold 5218N processors, featuring 32 CPU cores, a staggering 768 GB RAM, and a massive 32 TB SSD.

These NY-based bare-metal servers, powered by Intel Xeon Silver 4210 and Intel Xeon Gold CPUs, are equipped with up to 768 GB RAM and 32 TB enterprise SSD storage. They can be provisioned and configured on-demand, utilizing various virtualization technologies to create versatile cloud-based application environments. is adept at deploying Kubernetes clusters, Linux Containers, Proxmox VE, and VMware ESXi-based public or private dedicated clouds, catering to clients seeking a robust NYC-based edge cloud infrastructure.

All of HostColor’s New York-hosted Cloud and Edge hosting services are Semi-Managed. The company’s expert administrators handle server installation and configuration tailored to the client’s specific bare-metal or cloud-based technology requirements. Additionally, they offer OS reinstallation upon request and provide troubleshooting support for operating system, networking, or software configuration issues.

In HostColor’s U.S. Dedicated Servers, available in edge data centers, clients can choose from ports with bandwidth options of 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps, and 30 Gbps. These servers are highly adaptable, suitable for delivering public cloud services or functioning as Dedicated Private Clouds (DCIaaS). HC’s DCIaaS is a customizable, secure, and isolated on-demand IT infrastructure solution, leveraging Proxmox VE, Linux Containers (LCX), Kubernetes container orchestration, or VMware ESXi virtualization technologies. All DCIaaS plans feature cutting-edge WireGuard VPN technology and dedicated high-bandwidth internet connectivity.

Dimitar Avramov, CEO of HostColor, expressed excitement about the availability of their Semi-Managed, high-bandwidth Edge Servers in New York, emphasizing their role in helping local businesses deliver lightning-fast application services with an astonishingly low round trip delay of under 5ms. He further pointed out that HostColor clients using their New York edge server infrastructure enjoy superior security, privacy, and rapid application delivery compared to major cloud providers, all while benefiting from unrestricted bandwidth rates.

HostColor has also introduced a new platform for provisioning Semi-Managed Edge Servers featuring 20 Gbps and 30 Gbps bandwidth ports, available from 50 U.S. edge data center locations.

As of May 2023, HostColor provisions U.S. Edge servers in a wide array of locations, including Albany, New York; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Ashburn and Herndon, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas; Bend and Portland, Oregon; Billings, Montana; Boise, Idaho; Boston, Massachusetts; Casper, Wyoming; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; Indianapolis, Indiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, Florida; Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Little Rock, Arkansas; Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, Santa Clara, and San Diego, California; Madison, Wisconsin; Miami, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York City and the State of New York; Omaha, Nebraska; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle and Spokane, Washington; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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