H3C to Form Strategic Partnership with Malaysia to Build Digital Future

H3C, a leading Digital Solutions provider based in China, at a conference themed “Digital Navigation Smart Future” unveiled a partnership with several Malaysian government clients and technological companies to further Malaysia’s goal of a vision 2020 digital future.

In an increasingly digital age where seamless connectivity between multiple devices across various platforms is the rule of the day, Malaysia is seeking to establish a foothold in the digital age with its vision 2020 digital future plan. Towards this end it is seeking partnerships with various companies and organizations across the globe to fulfill its ambition to become a regional powerhouse in the digital economy.

Enter H3C, an industry leader in Digital Solutions offering digital infrastructure products spanning across myriad sectors from networking, computing, storage and security. In addition, it provides a thorough digital platform that encompasses Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and information security, among many others.

H3C’s central technology strategy is stated as “Driven by Applications, Shaping the Digital Future”, with a main focus on technical innovation as the main driver of growth. Towards this end, more than 50% of its employees are involved in the R&D sector. As of July 2019 the company has filed more than 10,000 patents, of which a staggering 90% are invention patents. Their list of illustrious clients include industrial giants such as Coca-Cola, DreamWorks Studios, Samsung Electronics, Vodafone, Swisscom, Telefónica, PJSC Sberbank and FIFA World Cup Brazil.

At the conference held August 29 in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, which is also attended by representatives from the Malaysian government and technology companies, H3C displayed a plethora of products and solutions for the Malaysian market. In this collaborative effort, H3C will bring to bear its strategies of “Inclusive Platform, Borderless Ecosystem” and “Channel First” to empower its Malaysian partners towards further developing and enhancing the “Digital Brain Project” launched this year.

“We have founded a local team in the Malaysian market to push forward sales, technical and services support, channel development and establish partnerships with dozens of channel partners,” said Gary Huang, SVP of H3C. “In the future, we look forward to joining hands with more partners in exploration and innovation, to empower our clients in government , education and other industries to promote digital transformation and build a new smart future in Malaysia.”

According to a representative from the Malaysian government who attended the event, Malaysia is aware of the challenges inherent in building a digital ecosystem where both the government and public sectors can grow together and thrive. It is imperative to seek out partnerships and alliances with multiple parties that can provide the know-how and expertise needed to formulate and implement the digital solutions required to remain competitive in the ever-changing and developing digital economy. Hence the partnership with H3C is a welcome and timely move towards that end. By cooperating together with H3C, the Malaysian government hopes to leverage on the strength and experience of both parties to stimulate and invigorate the implementation of digital solutions in both of Malaysia’s public and government systems, and to more quickly fulfill their network connectivity needs.